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Birmingham County CSA Process

Certificate Summer Update: 

CSA certificates are normally sent to you within two weeks of application, but this is to inform County members that there will be no certificates sent out for submissions after Sunday 20 August until the very end of September.

Those applications sent between 21 and 31 August will still be invited to the October presentation but will not get their CSA certificate until the end of September. Any queries to

Birmingham County has a process for acquiring the Badges and Certificates as well as for inviting CSA holders to the regular Award Presentation events the County hosts at Blackwell Court. This process is designed to make leaders, parents and the organisers roles easier and quicker. Details of this process can be found on the following link:

CSA Process
If you have any feedback on this process please let us know, as we are always very grateful for your comments.

 Badges and Certificates

Badges and certificates can only be requested by completing the on-line form on the right hand side of this page – please ensure that you complete all the required sections.

Badges and certificates will be posted directly to the leader by Jill Bowman, our Chief Scouts Award Administrator.

For any queries please email

Award Presentations

Chief Scouts Award Presentations events involve the young people taking part in three one hour long sessions, including an award presentation session and two adventurous activity sessions.

Award Presentation events are held on a regular basis three times a year at Blackwell Court.

All award recipients will be automatically invited to attend the next available Award Presentation event with invitations being emailed directly to parents/carers, with leaders copied in.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of young people invited to attend each presentation we are unable to defer invitations to the following presentation date.

Dates for 2016 are:


For all awards submitted by 9th January. Deadline for invitation replies is 30th Jan


For all awards submitted by 30th April. Deadline for invitation replies is 22nd May


For all awards submitted by 31st August. Deadline for invitation replies is 19th Sept
Chief Scout Award Presentation photos from March 2013 Chief Scout Award Presentation photos from June 2013 Chief Scout Award Presentation photos from September 2013

Pictures From The 2014 Awards

Chief Scout Award Presentation photos from March 2015

Pictures From The 2016 Awards

Certificate Request Form

To order your certificate please complete the form below:

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Certificates will be sent out usually within 2 weeks. However if for any reason you require them sooner please text Jill Bowman on 07931 959533 with your request and she will do her best to accommodate
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