We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays, and now it’s back to Scouting. We want to let you know that SWAP 17 is now fully up and running, and the Birmingham County Explorer camp is shaping up nicely.


If you are not aware of SWAP,
SWAP is a new event being brought out by the County exclusively for Explorers, organised by Explorers, but we need adult support to run the event.

This year SWAP is being held at Beaudesert Camp Site from the 13th of October to the 15th of October 2017. The camp involves learning Scouting skills, including pioneering, first aid and team work activities and has it’s main event around a competition murder mystery night hike.

Please highlight to your Explorers that the night hike includes team competitions.
The teams will consist of 8 members each and CAN be pre-arranged.

If Explorers would like to compete as a specific group of 8, please inform them that they must apply as individuals and one must then send us an email to this address listing the names and dates of birth of the 8 members of the group.

If an Explorer would like to attend as an individual or a smaller group, this is also absolutely fine, they will be added to a group.

For example,  if 4 members sign up together as a group (i.e. signed up as individuals then sent an email to be kept as 4 together) we can then add 4 people who have signed up as individuals to make a team of 8.


Young Leaders from across the county have been planning the camp for almost a year now and we need your support.

We are asking you to help us fill up our last few spaces, by getting more explorers signed up to this wonderful event on the links below.

And we need you as leaders to help us on the weekend.

We need adult leaders to support the weekend as camp staff, this will mean you help us run the activities and keep everyone safe while they are having fun (and undoubtedly you will have fun too).

Explorer sign up link (including any who want to attend as YLs)

Adult sign up link

This camp costs £45 for each explorer participant and £15 for each adult or young leader, this includes activity, camping and catering costs.

A £15 participant deposit is asked to be paid by September 16th and full amounts to be paid by October 1st for both participants and adults.
Allowances on these deadlines can be made if necessary, just contact us for this or any other queries on


or by visiting our Faceboook page, leaving us a message and following us for updates!

Yours in Scouting,
The SWAP team