More in Common: We Care Cards


You will have heard about our amazing new Scout and Guide More in Common badge, which we have introduced in support of the Jo Cox Foundation. There are 12 possible activities to choose from, which can all be carried out during the Covid-19 lockdown.

To receive the badge: Hedgehogs and Beavers need to complete 2 of these activities; Cubs need to complete 3; Scouts to complete 4 and Explorers to complete 5.


Birmingham Scouts are invited to take part in an exciting intergenerational social action project – which will count as one of the activities to get the More in Common badge. The ‘We Care Cards’ project involves youngsters designing and making a card and writing a letter to residents in a care home. All the information on how to take part is here. Please encourage your youngsters to take part in this important anti-loneliness campaign and get their badge. You can hear more about it by watching the video here.

Please e-mail Peter Rookes to let us know you have members taking part and we will give you the address to send your cards. We will put the cards in gift bags (with handmade items from adult crafter) and send them to Care Home residents. The deadline for sending cards back is Tuesday 16 March. So please share as soon as possible to make sure we can get as many of our Young People taking part.

We hope that you can get behind this fantastic intergenerational social action project to spread kindness at such a difficult time for our elderly population in care homes and demonstrate how amazing our young people are.

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