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iJam@Bham was a fantastic opportunity for members from across the County to come together for a virtual County Camp and now we have our series of summer weekly challenges.

With section specific challenges, we aim to engage with as many Birmingham Scouters as possible. And there will even be 2 badges that our young people can achieve!

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Thank you for taking part in our iJam@Bham County Camp. We had some fantastic feedback about the event.

Don’t forget to upload your photos and pictures using the form below (or email videos to us at info@birminghamscouts.org.uk).   You have until Friday 10th July to upload your photos or send us your videos of the Camp to gain your Camp badge. Then after the 6th July you can take part in the Weekly Challenges - see the sections below for more details of these challenges for all sections.


During the camp and in the days afterwards, we will be collecting photos of you taking part in the virtual camp. These could be of the challenges, you sleeping in an unusual place, or getting stuck into the campfire and wake up sessions! Every young person who responds will get one of our exclusive camp badges, and our County Commissioner has granted you permission to wear these on our uniforms for 12 months! You can see what the badge will look like at the top of the page left hand badge)

We will be collecting the photos via the upload form which is at the bottom of this page. You’ll also be able to share videos of you taking part with us by emailing them to info@birminghamscouts.org.uk.

All photos and videos need to be submitted by Friday 10th July 2020 in order to be evidence of participation in the Camp.

We will use your pictures as evidence of you having ‘attended’ the camp and use them to allocate the camp badges However, we would like to produce a montage of the event and we will give you the option to allow us to use your photos for promotion of the event and Scouting in Birmingham.

Starting on the 6th July, we will be running a series of weekly challenges for all our sections. Similar to the daily challenges that our Youth Commissioners have been running over the last few weeks, these will be simple, fun challenges for you to do. There will be themed challenges for each of our sections, plus a couple of all section challenges thrown in as well. The added bonus is that there will be a badge available for those that take part.

Each week, you will be encouraged to upload photos of you taking part in the challenges to our website. Again these will only be used for allocating badges, but we will give you an option to include your pictures in weekly challenge promotional videos.
The colour of your badge will depend on how many of the challenges you take part in:

Upload pictures for 1 or 2 of the challengesWhite badge border
Upload pictures for 3 or 4 of the challengesBronze badge border
Upload pictures for 5 or 6 of the challengesSilver badge border
Upload pictures for 7 or 8 of the challengesGold badge border

Designed to be complimentary to the camp badge, your weekly challenge badge will sit next to your camp badge and you will be able to wear them both on your uniform for 12 months!

Each Monday we will post a new challenge video on our Youtube channel and your leaders will email you a reminder. All we ask is that when you complete the challenge you upload your pictures using the form below. Simply select which week you are doing in the dropdown menu.  If you don’t have the ability to do this, you can send them to your leaders at the end of the summer and they will pass them on for you. At the end of the summer we will then get the badges distributed to all those who have taken part.

All we need from leaders is for you to send out the links and reminders to your section each week. Of course you are more than welcome to use the weekly challenges as part of your Scouting programme and encourage a little bit of healthy competition between your section members! If you want to get more involved, or feel you have some good idea, or skills that could help, please see the "get involved " section below.

The most important thing is that you spread the word to your section members so that as many people can take part as possible.

However, we do need some support in delivering the challenges and so are currently looking for volunteers to be the ‘faces’ of the weekly challenge videos. You don’t need to be an IT whizz – all you need is access to a mobile phone with a camera and be happy talking to camera about a challenge. We will help you with deciding what to say and we will do the video editing for you. If you’re interested the please email us at:


We are fully aware of the importance of the safety of our young people and adults, especially in online situations. Sessions that are streamed to YouTube will be unlisted, meaning they are only available to people who have the link. We would also encourage parents to take part to help minimise against ‘accidental’ inappropriate content.

Importantly, we rely on leaders to get the links for the sessions to their young people. We ask that these not be posted on public websites, Facebook pages or forums, but rather are in emails, texts or WhatsApp message to your members/parents.

To answer any queries please email info@birminghamscouts.org.uk


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We would love to see your videos - please send these to info@birminghamscouts.org.uk

These will be published on the website and on our YouTube page so please only send them if you are happy for them to ve viewed publicly.

Can we use your images?Unless you opt out, you are providing consent for photographs and digital images (including video) of the young person to be used for Scouting purposes only, which may appear in printed publications, websites, video and social media. If you opt out, the photos will be stored to record completion of the badge challenges and then they shall be deleted.
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