20 in 21 Challenge – still time to get evidence uploaded for your badges!


For those who have Young People doing the 20 in 21 Challenge it is due to finish on the 31st January, so if they have any outstanding evidence to upload to their account, please get it done before the 31st so that we can count up the final numbers and award the badges. Or if you are uploading evidence then please get this in before the end of the month.

Remember they only need 4 challenges for Bronze, 8 for silver and 20 to complete the set and get a Gold award!

Some Young People might just be 1 away from the next level and so please get uploading to make sure they get the badge they deserve.

It would be great to see our Young People with a 20 in 21 badge and some only need one more challenge to achieve their next level!

Any queries please email info@birminghamscouts.org.uk

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