20 In 21 – Our New Badge Event


We had such an amazing response to our iJam programme last year that we now launch our brand new badge programme for Birmingham County – 20 in 21.

Each Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer can complete a set of 20 activities during 2021 to gain their Bronze, Silver and then Gold 20 in 21 badge.

How do Young People take part?
All you need to do is look at the requirements for each activity and then complete these to tick off that square. When you complete the first column you will get your BRONZE 20 in 21 badge. Complete a row to get your SILVER 20 in 21 badge. Finally, complete all 20 in activities to earn your GOLD 20 in 21 badge.

Do YP have to do the activities with their leaders?

No – all the activities have been chosen so that they can be done independently of the normal section programme and leaders. However, that’s not to say that groups and sections cannot do some of the challenges as part of their programme, especially as we return to face to face Scouting during 2021.

How do YP get badges?

The first thing to do is complete the activity/challenge. They should take photos or videos of themselves taking part/completing the activity or collect the evidence requested on the bingo card. They will then upload this evidence against their personal ID using the web portal. Please don’t get them to send evidence to yourselves as this is being collected directly via the website.

We’ll be adding in a section on the website shortly to submit your evidence but why not start planning what you want to do for your bronze badge?

To access the cards and resources via a pdf please go to
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All the information and a set of FAQs are now on our new webpage

We really do hope that your Young People can take part and gain their 20 in 21 badges during 2021….

One of the core values of Scouting is that we look to make an impact in our communities. We’d like to continue as we did in 2020 to support a local charity that supports good causes right here in Birmingham. So for 2021 we’d like to ask members to donate to LoveBrum and continue the fundraising for this amazing charity in these tough times. To donate visit our LoveBrum Birmingham Scouts donation page.

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