Beavers Go Wild


The County and District Beavers teams are pleased to announce that there will be a Beaver event on the afternoon of Saturday15th May between 2 and 4.45pm.

Beavers Go Wild will be an exciting afternoon of activities with a ‘wild’ theme. Lots of things for the Beavers to take part in – and it will count as a County Activity for the Beavers in the 20 in 21 Challenge.

As with all our events you need to register to get the joining details and we will have a separate Facebook page to show everything that the Beavers have been doing.

This event also counts towards the County Activity section of our 20 in 21 Challenge, simply take your evidence at this event and log onto the evidence site to upload it and you’ll be on your way to the Bronze 20 in 21 badge.

This event is organised by the County and District Beaver teams

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