Hikes – getting out and about…


With the clocks moving forward, a slight warming of the weather and the lockdown restrictions easing we have been looking at ways of encouraging our Young People (and adults) to get out and about.

After the amazing success of Shirehike, many of you requested that we maintained access to the hikes so we have collated the Birmingham routes together and added them onto a portal so you can do them again or try new ones.

All the routes are available to view and download.

Don’t forget as well as being great to do, completing walks is also one of the activities for our 20 in 21 challenge. You can upload your photos using the 20 in 21 evidence submission page (coming shortly).


The aim of the Hikes challenge is to encourage you to get out and about and to explore new areas. Therefore, please don’t upload evidence from walks you have already done. You can use those walks again, but please go out and redo them – it will be great to see them as we move into a different season!

Why not use the hikes as part of your section programme – please ensure that you are following the current government guidelines and the approved risk assessment for your section.

We have also created a page for you to submit new hikes to be considered – simply complete the form and ensure that your hike follows the guidance.

We hope you enjoy the hikes and take advantage of getting out and about whilst taking part in the 20 in 21 challenge.

All the routes | 20 in 21 challenge | Submit new hikes

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