Scout Active Support

Scout Active Support (SAS) is the new name for what was formerly Scout Fellowship

It is a way for adults to volunteer some time to Scouting in a flexible way that fits their lifestyle and is a resource that can be used by Groups, Districts, or County to help deliver better Scouting to more young people

How is a Scout Active Support unit managed?

The key person is the scout active manager whose appointment follows the usual process of adult appointments within a Group, District or County. The SAS Manager may appoint one or more SAS Coordinators to help with the running of the unit.

Members of a unit complete the usual AA form and, of course, must have a valid DBS.

A key part of any SAS Unit is its service agreement. This is a document which details how the Unit will support Scouting within the Group, District or County as appropriate. It will also detail membership conditions and should be reviewed annually.

Scout Active Support

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What kind of support might a Unit give?

The ways in which SAS could support Scouting are endless. The following examples could trigger of some imaginative suggestions.

  • Within the Group offer short term support to a new leadership team in a section or help the Cub Pack to earn the Local Knowledge activity badge or undertake the annual maintenance of the equipment store…
  • Within the District undertake the organisation of St Georges’ Day celebrations or provide car park security for the Gang Show or follow up in a personal way the “Want to Join” enquiries…
  • Within the County offer 1/2/3 weekends service at the County Activity Centre or manage the finances for an upcoming Explorer Belt expedition.

How Is A Scout Active Support Unit Financed?

The relevant Executive Committee (Group, District or County) decides if the unit will hold its own funds. Such funds belong to, and form part of, the Group, District or County accounts. The relevant treasurer must be a signatory on the Unit account along with the Unit Manager or nominee.

Unit membership subscriptions will be detailed in the service agreement.

Any questions?

Please contact Bob Mayne

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