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We’re privileged in Birmingham to have a fantastic team of leaders who come together as part of our extended county team to organise an array of great activities for our members, from competitions to trips and camps & we hope that there’s something for everybody! Many of our routine competitions and activities are communicated directly to districts and groups, however you’ll find below links to some of our larger events… If you’ve not taken part before, do take a look and get your booking in – don’t miss out!

We have now selected our 36 youngsters and 4 Leaders for the Birmingham Contingent. Richard Berry, Elizabeth Curran, Gez Evans and Elizabeth Kemp who will be leading the Contingent and we wish them well in their preparation and for the Jamboree itself.

For any further information please contact Paul Barlow ACC (International) paul.barlow@birminghamscouts.org.uk

The Jamboree Facebook Page | 2019 World Scout Jamboree Website | 2019 Birmingham Jambo Website


7th to 9th December 2018 iceScout is back! Our updated website is live and bookings are OPEN! Come and join us for a weekend of Fun, Friendship and lots of Activities and maybe some Snow!

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Bivouac (biv-oo-ak) – to live comfortably in camp, a scout must know how to make a bivouac shelter for the night … a temporary camp without tents or cover … (Adapted from Scouting For Boys)
It’s getting dark and it’s starting to rain. You’ve been separated from your group and you’re hopelessly lost. It looks like you’re going to have to spend the night in the forest. With only the equipment in your rucksack and the countryside around you, would you know how to survive?

Run annually for over 40 years, Bivouac is unique to Birmingham Scouting. Four sequential awards (Training, Assessment, Junior Leader and Junior Staff) are designed to give participants the high level of skills needed to survive such a situation, and ultimately pass the Bivouac Assessment Award, Survival Skills Activity Badge and Emergency Aid Stage 3 Activity Badge.

All participants will need to build and sleep in a Bivouac, no matter what happens with the weather – there are no backup facilities – and prepare and cook food only found in the UK countryside - no processed food is allowed.

Applicants MUST be available for ALL dates identified on their awards application information sheet, found on the Bivouac Website homepage (from Mid-December), with applications opening on 1st March. Places are allocated on a first come – first served basis and are taken fast.

For further information, the organising team can be contacted on bivouac@birminghamscouts.org.uk

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BrumVenture: Activity Badge Weekend. Open to the Scout section, taking place from 4th to 6th October 2019. Adventure, Achievement & an Activity Badge – Fourteen badges all in one weekend. The event is held at Pikes Pool. Bookings are now being taken for the 2019 event.

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Every few years over 100 Scouts and Guides from Birmingham travel to the Alps in Switzerland for a week of winter adventure in Kandersteg at the International Scout Centre.

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Activity centres

Blackwell Adventure

Blackwell Adventure is our management company which operates the facilities at both Blackwell Court and Pikes Pool on behalf of Birmingham County Scouts. For more information visit blackwelladventure.co.uk

Blackwell Court

The 52 acres at Blackwell Court along with indoor accommodation offers so much, beautiful camping, a splendid Manor House, Tented Villages and over 20 adventurous activities. Blackwell Adventure is a unique, fully equipped outdoor activity centre available to a wide range of customers.


Pikes Pool

Pikes Pool is a traditional campsite and water activity centre situated within 2 miles of Blackwell Court and a short drive from both the M5 & M42 motorways.