Places to Grow Together

What is the Places to Grow Together project?

From April 2021 we are excited to announce the launch of the new Places to Grow Together Project.

A staff team of Delivery Team Assistants (DTAs) will work closely with volunteers to both grow and protect Scouting provision across Birmingham, increasing access to positive, life-changing opportunities for young people and communities.

Why do we need it?

The effects of the COVID 19 crisis are unprecedented and are highly likely to impact on a range of young people’s outcomes, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and BAME communities, including their attainment, health and wellbeing. This is where Scouts can step in. As a volunteer-led, self-funded and self-sustaining organisation, Scouts offers an economical and long-lasting solution for youth provision in Birmingham to start rebuilding what COVID 19 has damaged.

Scouts can play a critical part in re-engaging communities, it brings people together, celebrates diversity and offers shared experiences. Scouts have a positive impact on the mental health of young people, especially those from poorer areas*, helping to build resilience to life stressors. According to research, being a Scout is also incredibly beneficial for young people’s physical and emotional well-being. In this extraordinary situation, it is especially important to support the mental health of young people. Scouts also plays a key role in developing skills for life; the character, practical and employability skills that will prepare and equip young people to succeed. The future is uncertain and young people need the opportunities Scouts offers now more than ever.

Unfortunately, after a year of restricted activities, Birmingham Scouts has experienced a 30% drop in membership and a 14% drop in adults.

How will the project help?

The support offered through the project will help to restore and grow membership. It will utilise the learnings from previous projects and reflect the changing priorities and needs of the County, including promoting small sections, volunteer recruitment, supporting the return to face to face Scouting, opening new provision and providing Leader resources.

If you think your Group would benefit from support from the team, please speak with your District Commissioner or submit a project request here.

Resources for Leaders can be requested here

Our funders

This project is part funded by Birmingham Scouts, however it would not be possible without the generous donations from a number of other organisations, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you!

Albright Grimley Charity

The Cole Charitable Trust


George Henry Collins Charity

GJW Turner Trust

The Measures Trust

Sutton Coldfield Town Council

The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust

To learn more about the project and to explore how you could support our work please contact

* National Child Development Study, Dibben et al, 2017

Any questions?

To learn more about the project and to explore how you could support our work please contact

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